What Is The 15 Day Thrive?

The 15 Day Thrive is a new product from Chris Farrell.

The 15 Day Thrive is specifically for any focused individual who wants to understand how to create a regular income online, using KAJABI* (see below or watch the video for more about Kajabi.)

The 15 Day Thrive is a helping hand for anyone with a burning desire to understand how an Online Business works, while at the same time having EVERY STEP explained SIMPLY.

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15 Day Thrive Introductory Discount

For a limited period you can come onboard for a discounted price of just $67

As soon as the timer gets to zero the price will increase to the regular price of $97.


PLEASE NOTE:  This discounted price ends at:  12 midnight Pacific on Sunday, March 1st.









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*All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Chris Farrell's 15 Day Thrive explains SIMPLY and STEP-BY-STEP EXACTLY how to create a successful web business...

No geek speak!  No tech talk!  No time wasting!

The 15 Day Thrive will show you step-by-step how to sell information online.

This may be something you know a bit about, or have an interest in, or are passionate about.

To do this effectively - the 15 Day Thrive recommends using a service called Kajabi.

You do not need to have a Kajabi Account to benefit from the 15 Day Thrive.

However - inside the Member's Area of the 15 Day Thrive we do recommend you getting a Kajabi Account. PLEASE NOTE:  There is an additional cost for Kajabi that works out at $119/month.

However you do not need a Kajabi account right now - as within the 15 Day thrive there is a special link that will allow you to access Kajabi for FREE for 14 days - so you can see for yourself how simple it is to use.

PLUS there is a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

So if you should decide at any time you do not want to continue with Kajabi - you can cancel with just one click and owe nothing.

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Want to see an example?

Here is the first video of the 15 Day Thrive - so you can see an example of the content first hand!

(the video is 2 minutes 37 seconds.  In fact all the videos in the course are short and snappy -- no one likes loooooong videos...)

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10 Minutes To Success:  Complete Videos


How This Course Works?

Let me share with you another quick video from inside the 15 Day Thrive, that explains how this course works.

(this video is 2 minutes 52 seconds)

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

There is no time to wait.  If you are serious about wanting to learn how a successful web business works - then the 15 Day Thrive is what you have been waiting for.

Yes, Chris! I want in!

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